Teised meist

“Circus Studio Folie/ Terje Bernadt & co, makes a significant and unique youth circus act in Tallinn. With its operations, it enables children’s and young high-quality circus avocation, where it is possible to develop physical, psychological and social qualities in the art education context.” Petra Päivärinne Head of Education Finnish Youth Circus Association


“Absolutely fantastic organization with a very good and long-term-checked structure. The students of the Studio perceive it as their seoncd home, have plans on becoming professionals and develop the field even more. It is crucial for the Baltic-Nordic region that Folie would have an infrastructure that is as stable as their inner structure. The impact of the studio is not limited by circus only, it creates cultural ripples that will have their effect on the culture of the future.” Gildas Aleksa – Teatronas (LT)


“We had a good time on Saturday. Excellent performance. Unusual genres for us…
We are used to more classic numbers: splits, backbends and a lot of tricks. and dynamic, fast productions.
We saw the emphasis not on super stretching and tricks. But for an idea. On feelings and unusual.
I liked the fact that there is no feeling of race and competition. There is no tension, like in competitions. It can be seen that the guys have fun and work not like at the limit of their capabilities”. Alena Gluschenko