Circus Studio Folie

Circus studio Folie was founded in 2000 in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. Today it acts in two venues in Tallinn with 150 students and 12 trainers. Circus Studio Folie is the only youth circus with circus curriculum in Estonia and the main activities are teaching circus, creating performances and developing the field of contemporary circus.

The youth circus

Childhood  happens only once in a lifetime – it is important that we, all of us, do everything in our power for the kids to get  the most out of it!

Circus school lessons take place 6 days a week and students attend class 3-7 times a week depending on their motivation. Children, youth and adults can practice  acrobatics, juggling, aerials, unicycling, tight wire, balancing, pairs and pyramids, banquine, chinese pole, theatre/movement. It is possible to do almost any kind of circus-related activities you like, at the school, except for flytrapeze. In addition to the regular training there are also training camps for the students as well as other kids who would like to experience this kind of activity.

Circus Studio Folie invites children, youth and adults to join the circus!

The first class is free! So come and try out the circus training!

The activities done in classes include acrobatics, juggling, tightwiring, riding a unicycle and aerial acrobatics. Previous experience is not expected! In addition to classes, there are fun events such as gatherings and summer camp. Furthermore, every student at the school gets a chance to perform on stage and show off what they have learned!

The school’s biggest assets are long experience and professional teachers. Many of the few Estonian professional circus artists come from Circus Studio Folie and are now doing what they love all over the world.

The classes take place in Nõmme (Valdeku 13) in the circus hall and (Valdeku 15) gym, and near Kalamaja, in Euroopa Kool (Tehnika 18), and in Kalamaja Põhikool (Vabriku 18). Find the maps here!


As for the production of performances, there are 2 performing groups at the moment. Original performances are brought on stage every year. Those performances often get invited to youth circus and theatre festivals. Folie contemporary circus performances have been to Helsinki, Trondheim, Lahti, St.Petersburg, Riga, Berlin, Sylt, Leuven, Luxembourg, Hannover, London, Amsterdam, and other places. In 2019 a performance called Restart was played in Auch during the contemporary circus festival CIRCa.


Circus Studio Folie presents 3 short performances to celebrate 20 years of contemporary circus education in Estonia. “Boy and a Butterfly”, “Restart” and “The Red Line” take the spectator into three different worlds with personal stories, high-level acrobatics, and beautiful movement.


A contemporary circus performance by Circus Studio Folie

The performance is based on the performer`s ideas about how to start all over again. Young people are often facing failure and loss at school, in their training or personal relationships. In circus, it is also possible for trauma to occur. Dealing with such problems there is occasionally need for a restart. There are times when you must exert yourself to overcome the difficulties but sometimes it takes as little as the support of a friend to get back on your feet.

Pictures: photographer Rünno Lahesoo

Video (trailer): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2GURMhk2K0

Director: Terje Bernadt

Performers: Maarja Roolaht/Amanda Tender, Mikk Bernadt, Mia Erika Peterson, Rasmus Randla

Costumes and sound design: Terje Bernadt

Technical execution: Eero Druus


Stage: 8×8 meters (minimum 6×8 meters)

Height of the rigging point: 8 meters (minimum 6 meters)

Fixed rigging point (1 point) in the center of the stage (for one spinning rope): WLL/SWL 5kN (500kg)

Floor: it would be good if we can have one of those – a dance floor / a nice smooth not very slippery floor / an acrobatic (non-bouncing) floor 8×6 meters (minimum 6×4), beige, gray or black, if possible

For safety: a landing mat approx 2×2 meters / about 30 cm thick / black if possible

Lights: no specific lights set up is not yet existing. Simple lights.

Music: playback, will be on a memory stick.

The performance is 30 min long

Production: Terje Bernadt, Circus Studio Folie



Homepage of Circus Studio Folie: www.tsirkus.ee

More performances



Lühike akrobaatikaetendus koostööst ja vastasseisust. Kas tsirkuses on punane joon? Kuhu peaksid selle tõmbama akrobaadid? Tsirkus on inimesi ühendav meeskonnatööle orienteeritud kunstivorm.Tsirkusekunst ei sea piire endale ega tõmba neid maha ka teiste jaoks....



Tegudel on alati tagajärjed. Vahel teame me, et miski pole õige, kuid teeme ikkagi. Vahel teeme valesti, kuid ise ei pane seda tähelegi. Piir on õhuke. Millal andeks paluda ja millal andeks anda? Kaasaaegse tsirkuse etendus “Poiss ja liblikas” räägib loo noortest, kes...


Circus Studio Folie aims to develop Estonian contemporary circus in many fields: amateur, social and professional. The activities include continuous learning on teaching methodologies, importing circus disciplines that have no knowhow in Estonia yet, finding opportunities for trainers to learn, creating learning programs for trainers together with the Estonian Circus Center, promoting professional circus schools among the students, bringing Folie students to festivals abroad for inspiration and raising awareness of contemporary circus.

Since 2005 Folie has been a part of NICE, the Network of International Circus Exchange. Folie is also a member of the Baltic-Nordic Circus Network. The studio has initiated and been a partner of a circus project within Tallinn Culture Capital 2011, a 2-year project with 6 international partners „What Makes Us Move”. Folie is a founding member of the Estonian Contemporary Circus Development Centre and through this also part of  the European Youth Circus Organisation and Circostrada. Folie is a partner member of FEDEC.


Venues: to see the locations click here: LOCATIONS

Company: Circus Studio Folie (non-profit organisation)

Salme 12, 10613 Tallinn

With questions regarding circus education write info@tsirkus.ee 

With questions on performances and international matters contact Terje Bernadt:  folie@tsirkus.ee or call +37256629702.



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